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After 16 years of diving, Oliver became the second Irish diver to qualify for the Olympic Games. This feat had not been achieved since Eddie Heron in 1948. From an early age, Oliver’s ambition was to compete at the Olympics and in February 2016 this became a reality as Oliver finished inside the top 18 out of 58 divers at the World Cup. Since that brilliant day, he has not looked back as he has gone on to make Irish history both on a European and World level. The Rio Olympics saw him produce one of the stand out performances for Team Ireland.  


He made Irish diving history by becoming the first diver to qualify for an Olympic final. His performance in the final captivated the Irish public as they got behind Oliver in one of the most exhilarating Olympic sports. The Rio Olympics are only the start for Oliver. After leaving Rio ranked 8th in the World, he has now set his sights on World medals.

Just like Eddie Heron, Oliver wants to create Irish sporting history and hopefully leave a lasting legacy for Irish diving and aquatics. Outside of diving, Oliver have taken up various ambassador and public speaking roles. From taking on these roles, Oliver has gained valuable experience in areas close to his heart such as struggling with dyslexia and encouraging people to maintain an active lifestyle. ​


In 2014, Oliver launched his own personal project visiting numerous schools and youth groups in order to promote sport and an active and well balanced lifestyle using the Olympic values. This is a project he would love to continue especially within Irish communities.


Behind every athlete, there is a whole network of support. The smallest bit of help can help to inspire. From family, friends, Oliver's coach of 16 years, to his High School. Many people have taken their time to give Oliver something special & help him succeed.

Damian Ball

Caroline Woods

Sarah J McDonnell

Sandy Tubby

Noel Murphy

Dan Osman

Stephen Mcivor

Sharon Madigan

Dr Alan Rankin

Bill Clark

Andy Wray

Natalie Islton

Mike Greenwood

Swim Ireland

Irish Institute of Sport

Gourmet Fuel

Harrogate High Scool

St John Fishers High School

Shamrock Diving Club

Harrogate District Diving Club

Southend Diving Club

And most of all, Olivers family

A special thanks to:

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